HOT DROPS anthracite briquettes- manufactured locally at our factory in Riga, Latvia,  our new briquette is a slow burning round shape smokeless briquette with high heat output suitable for use in Closed appliances (Roomheaters, Multifuel stoves and Cookers). 


The briquette has been approved by HETAS and is included in the manufactured smokeless fuels list.

Briquettes can be packaged into  paper bags, LDPE bags and polypropene bags. Also, they are moisture-proof and can be delivered in bulk.

Possible weight of packed bags -  25 kg bags or 500-1000 kg  Big-bags.

Delivery terms: FOB, EXW Riga, Latvia.

You are welcome to contact us if You wish to know more.


Coal processing and briquetting company EU Zeme